Across the US, while 95% of adults support organ donation, the sad reality is that only 54% have actually signed up as donors, and each day 20 people will die waiting for a transplant. Access Health Host - Ereka Vetrini sits down with Judy Trew, founder of The Heather Trew Foundation for Organ Eye and Tissue Donation, to discuss the life-changing impact of becoming an organ donor. Judy started the foundation to honor her daughter Heather, who believed that anyone who needs an organ donation should be afforded that opportunity. In a PSA for the organization, former NFL linebacker London Fletcher said, “knowing that you have the power to give someone else the chance to live a healthy, productive life is the greatest gift.” Further in the Video, we also hear from Dr. Chris Barry, a transplant surgeon and researcher, who clarifies some of the misconceptions people still have about organ donation. Also hear a family’s personal story of how their lives were changed forever thanks to organ donation. Share in the comments below if you have signed up for organ donation yet and how do you plan to inspire others?

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